End of the Year Reflection

This year it was been awesome. I have achieved my Social it was to let all my friend play with me. And my other goals I did not achieved my Academic and Physical. I achieved my Personal it was to clear my room.

This year it was fun and awesome. This year we did inquiry it was fun because we did an exhibition. My exhibition was a movie it was awesome. The other exhibitions were cool because it was about hidden story’s about Russell Street School. I think our one were the best. Me and Alexandras did a parody that she sang. It was awesome. Once we finish we enter it in the didgie Awards and geeky won t it. It was cool I think it was Awesome. This year we have been doing our production. It was cool because we did it with our buddy’s. Amy and Saffron have done a sereat Santa. And we had to draw a name out of the and we had to get a pesrt for them.

Nic has been an awesome teacher. THANKS NIC.

Here is my Year in 60 Second


This week we have had a trial run. We are going to tweak it a little bit by to get another computer so that people won’t have to wait long and get bored. And we are going to make a big and bold sign so the people will come to our exhibition.We hope they like our exhibition. We have done most of the decorations and it looks cool you should come everyone. The reason we need to tweak it a bit is because the coments the people gave us in the coment box that you can leave comments in there and they said we should have more computer and have a sign.

Week 5 Term 4

This is our draft we have not finished yet but this is how much we have done and This is our second draft.


We know when our documentary is good when we speak clear, have the tip of our head at the top of the top of the camera. We sowed it to the the class and they gave us some feedback. that help us do our second draft better.

Week 5 Term 4

What: This week we have been doing inquiry we have done our first draft. We are getting tips from some people. We are working good in a group. I think we should be in a group more. Alice and Conner have been helping us for our frits street video to make it perfect.

So What: I leanrt to put the camera on the tripod straigh.

I am proud of people helping us for our group.

I have achieved to work hard.

Next week my goal is to have our exhibit half finished.